Test Drive

Test Drive XperiDo for Sugar

Don't just take our word for it...
What better way to explore XperiDo than a free 30-day test drive? Just fill out the form below and we'll activate your test drive within the next 48 hours. Use the form below for a test drive of XperiDo for Sugar.


Step 1 - Personal Information

Fill out this field if you request a test drive for somebody else


Step 2 - Sugar Connection

Please note that XperiDo works with Sugar 7.x. Your CRM evironment will communicate with an XperiDo Server in the cloud. To set up that communication, XperiDo will connect to your Sugar org via a system administrator user you provide.

(System Administrator username) Tip: most people create a new admin user for the XperiDo connection


Step 3 (Optional) - DocuSign Connection

XperiDo documents can contain DocuSign electronic signatures. To enable this feature, link your existing DocuSign Dev Account to your XperiDo Test Drive Environment. Create a DocuSign Dev Account.