XperiDo Nucleus

XperiDo Nucleus is a ready-to-use server-side component to add asynchronous document creation and output management capabilities to your software applications. It combines a web-based admin experience with Microsoft Word based template design and script based customization capabilities.


XperiDo Nucleus


Key Features

  • Collect and combine data from all your data sources and merge them server side with document templates to produce professional documents either in batches or on demand.
  • Define and manage data sources, data sets, samples, markers and document templates through an intuitive browser application.
  • Allow non-technical staff to create and design document templates with Microsoft Word, extended with the XperiDo add-in for template design. No coding, no macros, great looking templates.
  • Use the XperiDo API to trigger document creation from within any application.
  • Monitor the document creation processes through interactive reporting.
  • Save development time by using the out-of-the-box end user experience.
  • Scale up as document volumes or customization requirements grow from the Spark Edition to the Flame, Fire or even Blaze Edition.


Call XperiDo Document Generation Services from any Host Application

You need two things to let your application work with XperiDo:

  • You need to be able to add a custom button/workflow process that can perform an API call
  • You need to be able to extract XML data from your application.


If you can do that, XperiDo can do the rest. The API contains all the webservices you need for document generation: List relevant templates in the right context, launch the generation process, stream or save the generated document, send the document to a local or Google Cloud printer or an e-mail server, deliver the document to DocuSign or Sertifi for e-signing,... 


XperiDo Template Design Add-In for Microsoft Word

Template design shouldn't be an IT game. That's why XperiDo lets you create your templates with Microsoft Word. The XperiDo add-in for Word extends your familiar word processor with all kinds of great template design features, none of which need any kind of programming. So forget about those complex macros. All of the below is just a matter of a few clicks:

  • Set rules for conditional text or data insertion and formatting.
  • Build lists and tables with recurring input data.
  • Set parameters to group items within a loop (e.g. products per type, contacts per account, ...) multiple levels deep (e.g. components per product per type).
  • Insert formula to calculate totals or subtotals or do more complex calculations.
  • Apply predefined or custom formatting styles for date and time, numbers and currencies.
  • Conditionally insert and resize pictures and signatures.
  • Render numeric values to barcodes and QR codes.
  • Preview in 6 different file formats (docx, pdf, xps, hml, rtf, odt) with relevant sample records.


Monitoring and Management

You can closely monitor all document generation requests on the XperiDo server through interactive reporting module on the XperiDo Admin Console. The interactive reporting module logs all user interactions, and provides detailed information on warnings and errors. XperiDo supports multirole environments and allows for easy promotion of your work from DEV through UAT to PROD even across multiple machines.