Test Drive

Don't just take our word for it...
What better way to explore XperiDo than a free 30-day test drive? Just fill out the form below and we'll activate your test drive within the next 48 hours. Use the form below for a test drive of XperiDo for Microsoft Dynamics. You can test drive XperiDo Nucleus as well


Step 1 - Personal Information

Are you an XperiDo partner setting up a test drive for somebody else?


Step 2 - Select your Test Drive

You can choose from two types of XperiDo test drives:

  • PREPOPULATED TEST DRIVE - choose this option to receive access to a standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online trial organization prepopulated with sample templates for quotes, invoices, contracts, correspondence with accounts and contacts and much more. If this is the first time you test XperiDo, this is probably the option you want to choose.
  • CUSTOM TEST DRIVE - choose this option to connect your own customized Microsoft Dynamics organization to an XperiDo server in the cloud, and start to create your own templates with your own custom entities and relations.



Step 3 - Microsoft Dynamics Connection

Please note that XperiDo works with any roll-up of Microsoft Dynamics later than 2011 UR17 On Premise and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. Your Dynamics organization will communicate with an XperiDo Server in the cloud. If you want to connect an On Premise organization, please make sure that it is IFD-enabled.

(System Administrator username) Tip: most people create a new admin user for the XperiDo connection


Step 4 (Optional) - Microsoft SharePoint Connection

XperiDo is able to automatically save documents straight into Microsoft SharePoint. If you want to demo this feature, provide the necessary SharePoint connection details.

(System Administrator username or Microsoft Live ID) Tip: most people create a new admin user for the XperiDo connection


Step 5 (Optional) - DocuSign/Sertifi Connector

XperiDo templates can contain placeholders for electronic signatures. If you would like to test drive this feature, fill out the required info for one of the supported e-signature service providers.



Link your existing DocuSign Dev Account to your XperiDo Test Drive Environment. Create a DocuSign Dev Account.



Link your existing Sertifi Account or Sertifi Sandbox Account to your XperiDo Test Drive Environment. Create a Sertifi Sandbox Account.

If you don't know the gateway URL for your Sertifi sandbox account, simply paste the URL of your Sertifi Sandbox here.