Become a partner

Would you like to join our partner program and resell, integrate or embed the XperiDo document creation and output automation solution? We would love to have you on board. Invenso partners with resellers globally to help them grow their revenue with succesful XperiDo implementations. Boost your business together with Invenso, become an XperiDo partner!

What's in it for you as a partner?

General overview of benefits
An XperiDo partnerships comes with perks... find out all about them.
Cover your customers' document automation needs
The best way to fulfill your customers' document automation needs, is to partner with Invenso for the complete XperiDo product stack. Whether a customer creates documents on demand or in high volumes, whether their server is in the cloud or on premise, XperiDo works for you. And to ensure a great user experience, XperiDo comes with a fluent and easy-to use interface which will please administrators, template designers and end users alike
Offer New Services

XperiDo offers you a range of new services you can offer your customers. By ensuring a high-quality product, you can deliver high-quality services, such as:

  •  Consultancy services
  •  Implementation services
  •  Customization services 
  •  Template design services
  •  First and second line support
Save Time
Too many document automation and output management challenges are resolved by a fair amount of developer tinkering. More than once, that leads to sloppy solutions that take ages to build and even more time to support and integrate. Maybe that handyman approach earns you a quick buck in the short run, but it’s like building a house with your bare hands. If you want to cut back on short-lived custom development projects, a professional document automation platform like XperiDo is definitely the way to go. As one of the early adopters put it: “What I can do myself with XperiDo in a couple of hours, would take our senior developers more than a week to custom-build.
Training and Support from the Makers of the Products
Our partners' technical staff have direct access to some of our seniors who are on the product development teams. They know XperiDo's every square inch, what is there, and why it's there. Could you think of any better way to support you?
Partner Discount
As a partner, you are entitled to a discount on the recommended list prices of the different products in the XperiDo stack. Discount percentages vary based on the partnership level you have attained and the type of product.
We invest a lot of energy in promoting our products on every relevant online and offline market place. Sworn believers of the channel model, we fuel our partners with the results of that continued effort. But of course we don’t mind if you deploy XperiDo related marketing and sales activities yourself. Keep us posted, as we would love to join forces.


Types of partnership

There are three types of XperiDo partnerships, the reseller partnership, the OEM partnership and the referral partnership:

  • Reseller Partnership
    As a value added reseller, you implement and service your cust>omers who are using XperiDo. Typically XperiDo resellers are system integrators or consultants.
  • OEM Partnership
    As an OEM partner, you include XperiDo as part of your own resellable solution. Typically XperiDo OEM partners are software vendors.
  • Referral Partnership
    As a referral partner, you discover and qualify concrete business scenarios where XperiDo may contribute to the efficient creation of consistent documents. Your role as a referral partner is to introduce Invenso to key decision makers of the interested parties. Invenso can either engage directly with the interested parties or introduce one of the XperiDo reseller partners.