Customer Stories

XperiDo has made a difference for companies and organizations around the world, active in many different fields of industry. If you'd like to have a chat with one of our customers, just let us know and we'll arrange a call for you.


Corporate Success Stories


SpareBank1 SR-Bank

As part of their migration project, both SR-Bank and their appointed technical CRM advisors (Avanade, a global joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture) began their search for a reputable software vendor with a suitable document generation solution and quick turn-around service.

"We were really impressed by the speed, capability and efforts put into the migration of the discontinued document creation application and the deployment, training and quick turn-around & implementation support provided by the team at Invenso." Silje Eriksen Bølla, Leder Systemforvaltning - SpareBank1.

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Over the past two years, one of the UK’s leading housing associations L&Q, has totally transformed the way they interact with their customers and the way they keep track of those interactions. At the heart of that transformation: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Unified Service Desk, Microsoft SharePoint and XperiDo.

"The adoption of XperiDo helps us maintain a more robust record of our customer communications, we gain efficiency and consistency, and it empowers the teams to deploy new content and lay-outs faster across the entire organisation." Mark Hammond, Business Transformation Programme Manager L&Q

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Brunel is a leading global provider of recruitment, contracting and commercial services mainly for the oil and gas industry. Striving for operational excellence in the services they provide, the Amsterdam-based enterprise has been streamlining internal processes as well. XRM Manager Simon Wit explains how XperiDo for Microsoft Dynamics CRM played a crucial part in the organizational transformation.

"The leap forward we made at Brunel in terms of user productivity, document consistency and template manageability is astonishing." Simon Wit, XRM Manager Brunel

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With 1.7 million consumer and business customers, EDF Luminus is a key player on the Belgian energy market. The company’s core mission is to let their customers save money and save energy. Jürgen Neysens, Channel Manager for the Real Estate Development department, sheds light on how XperiDo helps Luminus' sales reps save a lot of energy.

"The mere fact of being able to close a deal end-to-end in one meeting justifies the investment. To be able to do it in a professional way, keeping a digital trail to the signed documents in the cloud, is a great bonus." Jürgen Neysens, Channel Manager Luminus RED

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Philips Innovation Services

Philips Innovation Services assists companies in delivering their innovations to the markets where they matters. The core mission is simple, accelerating innovations, inside and outside Philips, from start-up to multinational.

"Our quote generator produces around 3000 quotes per year without any error for the last 2 years. Invenso is our preferred partner for all document management related topics. Their expertise and professional support helps us to improve our document management flows throughout the organization.” Dirk Cassiers, IT Business Partner Philips Innovation Services


SMB Success Stories



LIMARC, based out of Ghent, Belgium, imports and distributes various brands of coffee machines and espresso machines, mainly to companies, restaurants, bars and cafeterias. Since 2012, Limarc uses XperiDo combined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Resco Mobile CRM to automate service administration. Limarc CEO Patrick Versluys invited us for coffee and told us how XperiDo became a crucial component in their business process.

"Going from paper to cloud and mobile, XperiDo was the final piece of the puzzle for us.” Patrick Versluys, CEO Limarc

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Wellspring Software

Wellspring Software, based out of Missouri (US), is the company behind check printing solution PrintBoss. Since 2015 Wellspring uses XperiDo to generate and print orders and manage contract renewals with a single click from Sugar.

"Using XperiDo for Sugar in the order fulfillment process saves 45 minutes up to a full hour every day.” Graham Neale, Marketing Director Wellspring Software

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