Business Cases


Documents in the Digital Era

While the world moves deeper into the digital era, documents continue to play an important role in professional communication. Everyday business activities like quoting, contracting, shipping and invoicing are still very much associated with the exchange of documents. You could say that documents are still the main instrument to formalize engagement.

If the digital transformation hasn’t changed the fact that we use documents, it certainly revolutionized how we produce and deliver them. Today, even the most complex of documents can be automatically generated, and delivered through the most appropriate electronic engagement channel.


Create Better Documents, in Far Less Time

XperiDo is a great asset to leap into the age of digital document production, storage, signing and delivery. Hundreds of organizations have been successful at transforming their document streams with XperiDo.

The XperiDo document creation and output management solutions simplify the way you create your day-to-day business documents, making your professional communication:

  • more engaging
  • more efficient
  • more consistent.


Leverage your Data and Make Life Easier for Everyone

XperiDo leverages your company's information to be used in both one-to-one communication and mass-produced documents. It enables business users to gain control over their documents and relieves your IT staff from template design and redesign. 

XperiDo not only appeals to end users, but also to designers, system integrators, system admins and software developers.

  • The XperiDo Template Design Add-in for Microsoft Word allows designers to build spectacular templates in a familiar and code-free word processing environment.
  • Thanks to the Out-of-the-Box Integrations for the most common CRM systems, like Microsoft Dynamics, and Sugar, a system integrator can literally plug in XperiDo to largely extend the CRM systems native document generation capabilities.
  • Through the Admin Experience, system administrators can easily configure, manage and rationalize XperiDo assets and monitor document generation processes. 
  • Software developers can use the XperiDo API to make document generation capabilities available for bespoke applications.