Design Templates

Your documents are only as good as your templates. With the XperiDo Template Design add-in for Microsoft Word, you can create smashing templates in a familiar word processing environment. It leverages all the features of Microsoft Word and adds a super
intuitive template designer experience.

You don’t have to be a code wizard at all, if you know your way around Microsoft Word, you’re sure to deliver the greatest looking templates with XperiDo.

Key Features


Field Formatting

Apply formatting to date, currency and number mappings

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Insert External Content

Integrate docx, html, pdf or other files in you templates

Conditional Content

Make content appear conditionally

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Use the expression wizard for calculations and complex conditions

Subgrid Loops

Create standard, grouped or filtered loops to build lists and tables

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Create translated variants and automate document language selection

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Insert Barcodes and Images

Render mappings into barcodes, QR-codes and pictures