• XperiDo has been busy in the Video Department


    At the XperiDo marketing department, we have recently focussed on video creation for shameless self-promotion. The result is not one, not two, but three new videos this month. You can find each of these videos in the article below, as well as the links to each of the videos' respective article.

  • XperiDo Explained in 150 Seconds


    With the help of our partner Nucleus, who provides XperiDo with its cloud infrastructure, XperiDo has made a short video which highlights what XperiDo actually is, and how it can help your business to efficiently generate consistent documents.

  • XperiDo Updated Price Lists


    Going into effect on 1 April 2017, XperiDo has updated its price lists. The updated price lists are updated to reflect new and updated XperiDo product, training and services offerings. The list prices for British Pounds have also been adapted to recent fluctuations on the currency exchange markets.

    New things to look for in the price lists:

  • Luminus RED Saving energy with Microsoft Dynamics, Resco & XperiDo


    With 1.7 million consumer and business customers, EDF Luminus is a key player on the Belgian energy market. The company’s core mission is to let their customers save money and save energy. No wonder they are looking for ways to save money and energy in the way they run their own operations as well. A great illustration of this is the technology-driven transformation of Luminus’ Real Estate Development (RED) Department.

  • XperiDo Launches New Partner Program


    As of the first of March 2017, the XperiDo Partner Program has changed. Our Partners Levels will no longer have a revenue requirement as the primary provision. Other factors such as knowledge of XperiDo and marketing commitment will be more important now. These changes will greatly benefit our Partners who are fully committed to XperiDo.

  • Meet XperiDo at eXtreme365 in Lisbon!


    A lot is going on in Microsoft Dynamics land. Among those, the recent change to Dynamics365. eXtremeCRM had to follow suit, and as a result is now named eXtreme365. Just like in Newport Beach, XperiDo will be there, sponsoring the event. Will you?

  • Simplified Connection Settings


    The connection panel of the XperiDo Template Design Add-in for Microsoft Word has been simplified. The connection panel is where you go to set up a connection to your XperiDo server the first time you use the Template Design Add-in.


  • XperiDo is Happy to Look Back at 2016, and Excited to Look Forward to 2017


    XperiDo has been able to maintain a huge growth over the past years. With the New Year just having started, let's outline just how much XperiDo has actually grown, what we have achieved over the course of the last year, and what we are planning for 2017.

  • Season Greetings in Templates


    It’s that time of year again… So why don’t you give your transactional documents a little personal touch this December and January by adding a personalized Happy New Year message at the bottom of your documents? This little guide can serve as a source of inspiration.

  • eXtremeCRM 2016, Newport Beach Review


    eXtremeCRM Newport Beach Review

    We would like to thank all of you who came to say hi to us at our booth at ExtremeCRM 2016 in Newport Beach for yet another amazing edition of eXtremeCRM! XperiDo would also like to thank the organizers, who helped ensure that the experience was both fluent and enjoyable to everyone.